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Here at https://happy.birthday-to-you.com, you can make a fun and unique ebirthday card (or would that be birthday ecard?).

Once you create your card you will be provided with a link to that card. You can either:

  1. Send that link to the birthday person via email or social media apps.
  2. Download the card (a JPG image) and send it via via email or social media to the birthday person.

The link to the card will remain on our site for quite some time, as server space permits.


Sending ebirthday cards (or birthday ecards?) via email or social media links is definitely environmentally friendly. No stamps. No paper. No cardstock. No envelope. No ink. No glue (on stamp and envelope). All virtual!

And Fast Too

No visiting a mall or retail store to buy a birthday card. No worrying if you have sufficient postage to mail the card. No waiting for a paper card to be delivered via snail mail. The birthday person can have their card in internet speeds.

Simple. Free. Fun.

Creating a virtual birthday card is easy. Just click on the Make a Birthday Card button below to bring you to our card creation page. There you can customize the card to your liking then get the link to send to the Birthday person. It is just that easy.

Forget Someone's Birthday?

No problem. You can create and send a personalized birthday card very quickly through our website.