A Mask

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A mask? Yes. Unfortunately, a large number of people are going to be missing their birthday parties because of the social distancing recommendations as a result of the corona virus pandemic. As part of recognizing this important recommendation, we have introduced a mask to help make people aware that it is a part of life for the time being.

Virtual Birthday cards are more important than ever. It is next to impossible to spread the virus using virtual cards.

In addition to introducing a mask as part of our stickman, we also introduced a social distancing closing as well.

Stay safe.

A Collection of Hats

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When we launched, we introduced a collection of hats to choose from. The options are (in alphabetical order) Baseball, Birthday Hat, Nerd, None, Pirate, Winter and Western.

The plan is to add additional hats as well, but we don't really want to over do it. The drop-down selection list should be manageable on a mobile device.

We have a collection of 16 different closings for the card as well.

If there is something you would like to see added (either to the hats selection or closing), please let us know and we can see if we can accomodate your request.

Happy.Birthday-To-You.com Launches

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The wait is over. In the late hours of September 22, 2019, we turned off the construction signs and did a soft launch of the site. Kind of incognito. We had been developing and revamping our webpages offsite on my laptop during spare time. We will let it soak for a bit now, and continue our testing on the live server.

birthday-to-you.com Registered

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It was summer. We had just migrated some of our servers and realms to a new service provider. The provider had a special for registering new domains. For kicks, we thought we would check out the birthday realms.

One after another, all likely candidates were all gone. Most were with squatters, one going to a well known card publisher. But then we came across birthday-to-you.com. What luck. Just redirect all requests to happy instead of www, and we have happy.birthday-to-you.com.

We registered the domain on August 7, 2019. We put up a bit of a framework to let people know that we are still under construction, but to stay tuned.